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Join the league now to play in May's round The Stolen Diamond.  Solve daily clues, and find the artifact first  to win!

Do you like the idea of treasure hunting as a recreational sports league? Perhaps you're possessed by the spirit of an 17th century pirate and your soul will never rest until you've found treasure.

Treasure League is a massive, members-only game that uses Calgary as its board.  Playing solo or in teams, our clever members receive daily clues by email and race against each other to find physical treasures that hidden somewhere within the city limits.

In 2016, they searched for treasure chests. In 2017, you're searching for 8 lost artifacts.....


Treasure League: Lost Artifacts

A priceless gem. An ancient weapon. A cursed idol. These are just a few of the hidden MacGuffins that will spur treasure hunters to the far corners of Calgary during our 2017 season, Treasure League: Lost Artifacts.

Join before April ends to play in May!

You'll puzzle through cryptic daily clues to figure out where each artifact is hidden. Then head out into the real world to explore your hunches. Find it first and you'll win that month's $300 cash prize. If that sounds like fun, gather a team and join the League!

Register now to start playing The Stolen Diamond on May 1st!


Your team members (up to 4) will receive daily clues by email and everyone can claim a victory on behalf of the team.


Playing as a bigger group? No problem. Big teams get the same perks, with clues sent to up to 8 team members. 

See what happened in 2016

In 2016, Treasure League challenged Calgarians to solve puzzles, follow clues, and find treasure chests that could be hidden anywhere within the city limits. The season ran for 9 months and we awarded $4500 in prizes to our winners. We had teams that ranged in size from 1 to 16, two repeat winners, and at some time during the spring a clue writer had to jump into the Bow River to rescue a treasure chest. There's no video of that last thing, but there's plenty to watch in the monthly wrap-up videos below.


Thanks to everyone who joined Treasure League in 2016!

We're currently working on a web series that uses all of 2016's footage, interviews, and media coverage. Until then, enjoy season 2, Treasure League: Lost Artifacts, and good luck!