City-sized games for urban adventurers.

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Treasure League is a community for urban adventurers who want to play games, solve puzzles, and explore their cities.

In our first season, players raced through Calgary to find hidden treasure chests. Last season, they competed to find storied lost artifacts.  In 2018, there will be three ways to play, and the first is called Treasure League: Kingdom. It's the league's new monthly contest, and it's free to play. Scroll down to find out more and sign up to receive clues.

Kingdom is just the first of a few ways to play with Treasure League in 2018. We have something exciting coming soon that you can play, no matter where you live. 

Will your team rule the Kingdom?

Treasure League: Kingdom is the league's new monthly treasure hunt in Calgary, and it's free to play. Golden animals are hidden throughout the city and a single clue will help you find each one. To start receiving clues, all you have to do is subscribe to the Jetpack newsletter. A few new clues will be released during the first week of each month. Learn more on our gameplay and FAQ pages.

Up for the challenge? Start solving clues, find the animals, and climb the scoreboard!


Found a hidden animal?
Claim your points!


1. The Fox


Status: FOUND
Winner: Team Doku Points: 90
Where: The fox was hidden on the grounds of Lougheed House, under a stone bench dedicated to three former head gardeners. In the past, the house was home to the Lougheeds and their six children, then it served as a school and a barracks for women dedicated to war efforts. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 4.49.56 PM.png

2. The Crane

Status: HIDDEN
Winner: _________ Points: _________


3. The Elephant

Status: FOUND
Winner: Team Vandelay Points: 90
Where: The elephant was hidden in the East Village, in small nook on top of a branch, 8 feet up a tree. Starting at the community gardens nearby, there's a bike path you can follow in a quarter-circle curve, past an 8-sided wooden gazebo, to the the tree at the river's edge.