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Treasure League just wrapped up its 2017 season “Lost Artifacts”, which saw players solve daily clues, explore the city, and search for a treasure hidden somewhere in Calgary.

A priceless gem. An ancient weapon. A cursed idol. These are just a few of the hidden MacGuffins that spurred treasure hunters to the far corners of Calgary during our 2017 season: Treasure League: Lost Artifacts. From April to November, teams competed for the monthly $300 prize — and everlasting glory. This year also saw Treasure League powered events take place at the CORE Shopping Centre and on three different fundraising nights for the Calgary Library Foundation. The event during Beakerhead had 912 people playing concurrently on all 7 floors of the downtown library, and raised over $30K for in just 3 hours. 

What's next for Treasure League? Plans are afoot! As we head into 2018, stay subscribed to the Jetpack newsletter to hear about new games, new events, and some big surprises to enjoy in the new year.

2017 Season

2016 Season

In 2016, Treasure League challenged Calgarians to solve puzzles, follow clues, and find treasure chests that could be hidden anywhere within the city limits. The season ran for 9 months and we awarded $4500 in prizes to our winners.


Thanks to everyone who joined Treasure League in 2016!

We're currently working on a web series that uses all of 2016's footage, interviews, and media coverage. Until then, enjoy season 2, Treasure League: Lost Artifacts, and good luck!