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Every month, we hide an actual treasure chest somewhere in Calgary. Follow the daily clues, find the chest first, and win the $500 monthly prize!

Could your life in Calgary use a little more adventure? Do you enjoy puzzles, riddles, and exploring the city? Maybe you're possessed by the ghost of an old-timey private detective whose spirit won't rest until it solves one last fantastical mystery? 

If any of those sounds like you, join the Treasure League!

We hide an actual treasure chest somewhere in Calgary every month and email daily clues to our members so they can race to find the chest and claim its $500 cash prize for themselves.

See what the CBC, Global News, and Avenue Magazine had to say about the launch of Treasure League, on the press page. If you're a journalist, grab our press kit and feel free to contact us!

Treasure League Membership

Love the idea of hunting for treasure? Join the League!

Purchasing this item gives your team one month of Treasure League membership. Up to 4 team members will be emailed a new clue, every day, until the treasure chest is found. 

NEW team pricing! We've shifted from $10/person to $20/team.

Joining mid-month? You'll receive an email within 24 hours, containing all of the daily clues released so far. The following day, you'll receive a new clue along with everyone else.

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Watch wrap-up videos from past rounds!

Missing a clue? Help is on the way!

Clues are scheduled to send around 1pm every day. If you don't see a clue in your Inbox by 1pm, the most common reasons are:

  • Your email server may not have delivered it to you yet. On one occasion, all Telus users received their clues at 10pm.
  • The clue may be in your spam folder. Add to your address book to prevent this from happening.
  • Some Gmail users have reported that Treasure League clues are being sorted into the Promotions tab in their inbox.
  • An accidental left thumb swipe on your iPhone might have sent your clue to the Archive folder.

If it's shortly after 1pm, you may be experiencing a normal delay — your patience with technology beyond our control is appreciated. If it's past 6pm and you still don't have your clue, let us know

Earn bonus clues by referring friends!

Bonus clues aren't essential to finding the treasure chest, but they might give you an edge over the competition by helping to confirm you're on the right track.  There are many ways to earn bonus clues:

  • Recruit a team to join Treasure League and you'll receive a bonus clue for the current month. Referrals are cumulative, so if you refer more than one team this month, you'll accrue credit for a bonus clue in future months.
  • In past months there have been bonus clues announced for things like registering early and submitting video footage of your team's progress.
  • Watch for announcements of ways to earn special bonus clues on Twitter, Facebook, and in daily clue emails!