A stellar, one-night-only escape room event on Friday, September 15, 2017, during Beakerhead. 1000 people will play concurrently on all 7 storeys of the Central Library. Created by Jetpack, with all of the proceeds going to the Calgary Public Library

feathered fandom

Canadian Geographic has nominated the mischievous gray jay as Canada's new national bird. Some are mad about their choice, others are mad about the spelling. We love both! If you're on team Gray Jay, show it with some team merch.

A City-Wide Game

Treasure League is a massive, members-only game that uses Calgary as its board.  Playing solo or in teams, our clever members receive daily clues by email and race against each other to find physical treasures that hidden somewhere within the city limits.

Very Short Stories

Terribly Interesting is a short fiction comedy podcast written by Anders J. Svensson and acted by an international cast of voice actors. It's puppetry on a global scale, without the felt burns — the leading cause of death amongst traditional puppeteers.