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Treasure League Gameplay


On the first day of every month, Treasure League begins sending its members clues that will help them locate a treasure chest hidden somewhere in Calgary. The theme and clue format change every month, but the first person or team to find the chest wins $500 cash.

How to play:

  1. Join the Treasure League. Your adventure begins.
  2. Solve, follow, combine, and puzzle through the clues you receive by email,
  3. Earn bonus clues by completing tasks announced before or during the month.
  4. Go out into the world and physically find the hidden treasure chest.
  5. Claim the $500 prize, celebrate, and enjoy everlasting glory.

If you find a chest:

  1. Keep it a secret. No photos, no social networks — yet!
  2. Follow the instructions you find inside the chest.
  3. We'll verify your prize claim and arrange to meet.
  4. You'll exchange the chest for your prize and do a short interview.
  5. We'll announce your win to all members and the media.

If you've heard that a chest has been found:

  • If you heard it from Treasure League, it's official!
  • If you heard it somewhere else, it's not official.

Be sure to look over the Terms & Conditions you're agreeing to by participating and read the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've done this before, so we know there will be questions and we've got answers! As time goes on we'll add more Qs and As. If you already have a question that isn't answered below, contact us

Is this real or an elaborate hoax?
Yes, this is real. Join the League and you will be participating in an actual treasure hunt. The treasure chests are made of wood and metal. They will each be hidden in Calgary, which is also made of wood and metal. And oil money.  And countless pairs of Lululemon pants.

What's inside the chests?
Much like a golden ticket hidden inside a Wonka bar wrapper, each chest contains instructions on how to claim the $500 prize. The gist of those instructions is that you can return the chest to Treasure League and redeem it for the prize.

What are the clues like and how many do I get?
The number and frequency of clues may vary from month to month, depending on the month's theme. Clues might be pieces of information, puzzles that resolve to messages, photographs, video clips, sound files, et cetera. Clues might stand on their own, or they might be more useful when used in combination — how every clue you receive fits together is up to you.

Can we play as a team?
You can, and we've created two sizes of team subscriptions to help make that easier. If you play with more than one person on a Solo membership or subscription, only the person who registered is a member of Treasure League. The League has a contractual obligation to its members, and no one else. 

Who runs Treasure League?

Treasure League was created by local writer Anders J. Svensson and his creative studio Jetpack.