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Treasure LeaGue: Kingdom



Treasure League: Kingdom is a year-round monthly treasure hunt within the city limits of Calgary, AB. Golden animal figurines are hidden throughout the city and each month a cryptic clue to finding it is shared with newsletter subscribers. Players and teams compete to the first ones to solve the location and retrieve the treasure. Find a treasure and you'll have points added to the Kingdom public scoreboard.

The points for finding a treasure start at 100 on the first day and decrease by 10 every day, until the treasure is reported found, or until the points reach 50 — so you'll score more points if you find it in the first 5 days, but you'll still still earn 50 points anytime after that.

On the Treasure League website (treasureleague.com), you'll see all of the Kingdom treasures currently in play and whether you are hidden, found, or unclaimed — with the latter meaning that the treasure is no longer where it was hidden, but nobody has claimed the points.

1. Before the game begins:

  • Form a team of friends or colleagues, or choose to solo the challenge!
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive clues.
  • Follow Jetpack on Twitter and/or Treasure League on Facebook for mid-game updates and announcements.
  • Add hello@jetpack.ca as an email contact to ensure that clues are delivered to you. 

2. How to play:

  1. Subscribe to the Jetpack newsletter.
  2. Get a clue to a new treasure's location, by email, during the first week of each month.
  3. Work alone or with a team and use the clue to figure out the treasure's location.
  4. Go there and retrieve the treasure.
  5. Follow the directions hidden with the treasure to verify your win.
  6. See your name or team name — and points! — added to the scoreboard.
  7. Play again next month and climb the scoreboard.

3. If you find a treasure:

  1. We'll let you know soon!

4. If you've heard that a treasure has been found:

  • If you heard it from Treasure League, it's official!
  • If you heard it somewhere else, it's not official.

5. When a player finds a hidden treasure:

  • A note will be sent out on the Jetpack Twitter and Treasure League Facebook pages, as soon as we verify a treasure has been found.

6. If nobody finds a treasure by the end of the month:

Each treasure will remain hidden until found and claimed. A new treasure will be announced on schedule and there will be multiple treasures in play.

7. If someone who wasn't knowingly playing this game finds or takes a treasure:

No big deal. We'll hide another one and keep playing!

8. There are 3 general rules that govern this game:

  1. Be a good sport in person, posts, and emails.
  2. No posting clues or crowdsourcing solutions on public forums.
  3. Don't break any laws or put yourself in harm's way.

Questions? Be sure to read the FAQ and if you don't find it there, contact us.