Treasure League's June Winners are The Booty Hunters!


In June, the theme was Hocus Pocus, with Treasure League members facing a month of magic-themed clues on their way to the hidden treasure chest — a shiny purple number emblazoned with a white rabbit.

One team came out on top — quite literally on top of Nose Hill. Congratulations to Florence Tsang and Alexander Le and the other members of The Booty Hunters team for their victory. Florence unearthed the chest from the gravelly grave where it had been buried alive, securing her team's title as winners of Treasure League: Hocus Pocus and winners of its $500 cash prize!

Thanks to everyone who played! There were nearly a dozen treasure hunters on the hill around the time the chest was found! Here's a video that explains what all of the released clues meant and exactly where the chest was, plus an interview with the winners and more special guests.


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