The winners of Treasure League: Wanderlust are The Kilted Meeples!

This month's theme was Wanderlust, with our treasure hunters sifting through plane tickets, riddles, and puzzles themed to international locations on every continent. 

It ended with an actual footrace as teams descended on the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Soon, Andrew Stevenson and Peita Luiti of The Kilted Meeples had the treasure chest in hand, having pulled it from beneath the wooden walkway at one end of a footbridge.  For being quick-witted and fast on their feet, they're the winners of Treasure League: Wanderlust and its $500 cash prize!

Thanks to everyone who played! For the full scoop on how it all went down, watch the wrap up video below. Treasure League goes on a short hiatus in August but we'll be back with a new treasure hunt in September!


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