Treasure League's April Winners are Dan Clark, Brendan Nogue, and Patrick Clark!

This month's theme was Secret Agent, with our treasure hunters following an evidence trail of bodies, photographs, bullets, receipts, airplane tickets, security logs, eyewitness accounts, and other forensic detritus to figure out who stole what from whom, when it could have been stashed, and where it could have been stashed.

In the end it was Brendan Nogue, Dan Clark, and Patrick Clark of team Short Round Enterprises who located the chest on the bank of Bow River, at the D69 stormwater outfall behind the Pumphouse Theatre. For following the clues and their hunches, they're the winners of Treasure League: Secret Agent and its $500 cash prize!

Thanks to everyone who played. A tell-all video explaining this month's clues AND another invitation to meet up at a local pub are on their way before the end of April.

Want to play in May? The theme is Treasure League: Labyrinth. Register your team before May 1st and you'll get a bonus clue!


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