Treasure League: The Infernal Scroll | Wrap-Up


We knew it was possible and we knew it would happen someday. But after 12 successful rounds of Treasure League in a row, nobody was expecting round 13, The Infernal Scroll, to be interrupted by a non-player.

But that's what happened. 

The scroll was hidden in the Weaselhead Flats natural area, at a sharp bend in the path, attached vertically to the lower back leg of a park bench by two magnetic loops, low in the foot-high grass. Above, there's a photo of the scene on Wednesday, as snapped by last June's winner Alexander Le.

Judging by that photo (of the bench at the bend) at least one thing is different since the day the scroll was hidden. The foot-long grass looks like it has been neatly trimmed. Someone took the scroll, left the magnets, and no one has used the instructions that were inside the scroll. 

But what now? If you've been playing awhile or you're familiar with the rules, you might know that we've always had contingency plans for this happening.

If at any time during the month the League discovers that an Artifact has been disturbed... by an ineligible participant... one (1) of the following will occur: a new treasure will be hidden and new clues will be provided to that month's subscribers OR the prize money will be carried over to the following month's round.

It's late in the month, so we'll be invoking the second option, making August's prize bigger than ever, at $600. A teaser video announcing the new round and the new artifact will be released in the next few days. 


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