Treasure League: The Cursed Idol | Wrap-Up

September's round saw Treasure Leaguers squaring off against each other, but also 30 days of unrelenting riddles. And with all of those solved, there was still the matter of how they worked together to spell out the treasure's location. On the 30th, at least four teams had converged on Sue Higgins Park in Calgary's southeast, where the cursed idol lay beneath a tree in the northern stretch of the dog park.

Our thanks to every dog for inspecting it, but not disturbing it.

This month's winning team was: Team Library — last year's underdogs — with their third win of this season. Congratulations to Kari, Mark, Jeremy, Jessica, and Dave for following their strong puzzle game with a strong ground game! For their efforts, this month's $300 cash prize.

Also, per this year's new FAQ, "Can teams win more than once?" it must be mentioned that Team Library has reached the 3-wins-per-season limit and are currently choosing what to do for the remaining two months of League play. They have the option of retiring victorious, disbanding and joining other teams, or playing along without eligibility to win (or affect the outcome). So if you're looking to recruit a veteran player for your team, you may commence wooing them on Twitter or Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.28.36 PM.png

The Clues

As we've done in past months, let's run through how the puzzle was solved. If you played, you received 30 riddles. Here are the answers to all of those:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 6.18.28 PM.png

The numbers correspond to the date the riddle was received. You may have noticed that there are four missing numbers between 1 to 30. On those dates (and the 17th), you received one of the empty columns shown above. And on the second last day of the game, you received this additional bonus clue, telling you how to arrange them:


Slot the words into their spaces and then pay attention to the boxes that are green. If you have arranged everything correctly, the fragments will spell, left to right, top-down, in plain English:


Leaving only the question of what SHP is. In Calgary, your only option (and let us know if that's not true) is Sue Higgins Park — a sprawling off-leash park in Calgary's southeast. Its northernmost space, is a long, narrow stretch of land where the park is narrowest.

The idol was idling in plain sight, beneath a tree.


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