The Hunt Begins on February 1st

Does your life need a little more adventure? Do you enjoy puzzles, riddles, and exploring the city? Maybe you're possessed by the ghost of an old-timey private detective whose spirit won't rest until it solves one last fantastic mystery? 

If any of those sounds like you, join the Treasure League!

We're hiding an actual treasure chest somewhere in Calgary every month and then sending clues to our intrepid members so they can race to find it and claim the $500 prize for themselves. Throughout the month there will also be bonus clues available, plus opportunities to meet up and compare notes with other treasure hunters. 

The first treasure hunt begins on February 1, 2016. Be a pal and tell a friend! 


Calgary, AB, T2S 3E7, Canada

Propaganda machinist, part-time adventurer, and creator of fine amusements.