Treasure League: The Stolen Diamond | Wrap-Up

A heist. A stolen diamond. And a month of sassy letters from your imprisoned partner in crime. The May 2017 round of Treasure League: Lost Artifacts sent teams all over the city, trying to identify locations using two tightly cropped polaroid photos each day, sporadic information hidden in the text, plus a directional arrow that indicated the diamond was hidden N/E/S/W of that location.

As the month went on, the searchable grid narrowed, until May 22, when teams were reportedly starting to cluster in Mission, around Cliff Bungalow Park.  A few blocks over, long-time Treasure Leaguer (and infamous safari hat enthusiast) Brendan Nogue of Team Short Round was using a very specific strategy to finish out the game. Watch the video above to find out what that was.

If you're dying to find out where a specific photo clue was located, you can discuss your hunches and find out the answers from the rest of the League in this Facebook thread

And then, if you haven't already subscribed, sign up before month-end for June's round The Aztec Skull!



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