Escape rooms the size of a library.


In 2016, we hid a treasure chest inside one of Calgary's public libraries, as part of our Treasure League monthly game. What we didn't know was that a team from the library was playing that month, and that we'd be invited by Paul Royston-McIntyre CEO of the library foundation to discuss future opportunities to collaborate.

The first Locked Library fundraising event took place in early 2017 — building on the idea of escape rooms usually enjoyed by 4-6 players at a time, and reimagining it as a massive live event for 200-1000 concurrent players, racing against the clock. 

Past events are detailed below. The next event will be a 1000-player game at the 2018 Beakerhead festival. Tickets will be available at the Library Store.


Crowfoot Library | 03/2018

Staged at Calgary's busiest library branch, this game was themed with the theft of a coveted book from the royal library of Atlantis. Over two nights in March, more than 350 people raced the clock and each other to build a suspect list and deduce their way to identifying the culprit and clearing their own names.


Central LIbrary | 09/2017

Themed as a space prison for library crimes, this event gave 912 players 3 hours to solve an elaborate puzzle on each of the building's 7 floors, before activating an escape pod — a fire engine in the library's foyer. Over $30,000 was raised for the library. This event was part of the Beakerhead festival of art & science.

IMG_1271 2.jpg

Fish Creek LIbrary | 02/2017

The first Locked Library event took place over two sold out nights — of 200 players each night — at the Fish Creek Library. Held captive by a self-aware library computer, teams solved puzzles to collect 7 books. In the final task, they used the sorting machine to learn the password to a cryptex cylinder.

Interested in hosting a Locked Library event in your town or city? Let's chat!