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Treasure LeaGUe

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What the heck is Treasure League?
Treasure League is a growing community of clever urban adventurers, and the creator of games that challenge you to solve puzzles while exploring your city.

Is this real or an elaborate hoax?
Yes, this is real. In 2016, Treasure League hid 9 treasure chests in Calgary. In 2017, we hid 8 storied artifacts. Join the League and participate in games like our new Treasure League: Kingdom (free for newsletter subscribers) you will be participating in an actual treasure hunt for real objects.

Are the artifacts valuable?
Like any good MacGuffin, the artifacts are storied objects that drive a plot — so their real value is entertainment. Some of our game events also have prizes up for grabs.

So... where are the these treasures hidden?
They could be anywhere within the city limits. Anywhere. That's all we'll say. 

Are treasures hidden somewhere we'd have to pay an entrance fee to access?
This is very unlikely.

Are the treasures hidden in places that require me to destroy private property, or bother wildlife?
Unsanctioned destruction is never necessary. If you know where a treasure is, you can simply go there and take it. If you do move/disturb/or shift anything during your search, please be a good citizen/neighbour and return things to how you found them.

Do I need a particular level of fitness, ability, mobility, or means of transport to participate?
Most of the game is spent figuring out where a treasure is hidden — this is equally accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels, and mobility. Physically retrieving a treasure may require some travel and physical exertion — that's why we recommend you form diverse teams, so there's someone for every role. In the past we've found teams that have a mix of good puzzle solvers and people inclined to go-look-and-see are most successful.

How many days does the game last?
That depends on the game and how quickly you find the treasures! 

What are the clues like and how many do I get?
In our current (new) monthly game, Treasure League: Kingdom, you will receive one cryptic clue only. Even if that treasure isn't found, a new clue for a new treasure will be released at the beginning of the next month.

Can we play as a team?
You can! All newsletter subscribers are considered Treasure League members, but you can collaborate and earn points together with your team name on the Treasure League: Kingdom scoreboard.

Can teams win more than once?
Yes. In our current monthly game, Treasure League: Kingdom, you'll earn points for each win. 

Behind the scenes

Who runs Treasure League?
Treasure League is produced by Calgary writer Anders J. Svensson and his creative studio Jetpack.

Why does Treasure League exist?
Treasure League started because we thought treasure hunting might be fun as a recreational league — and it is! 

Can you design a custom event for my venue/event/birthday?
Yes we can. Let's chat.