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Treasure LeaGue: Lost ARtifacts



Treasure League: Lost Artifacts will run for 7 months (from April 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017). On the 1st day of each month, subscribers will begin receiving clues that will help them locate that month's artifact, which has been hidden somewhere in Calgary. The first registered player to find the artifact and notify Treasure League will win $300 cash.

1. Before the game begins:

  • Form a team of friends or colleagues, or choose to solo the challenge!
  • Join Treasure League by subscribing to receive clues.
  • Follow Jetpack on Twitter and/or Treasure League on Facebook for mid-game updates and announcements.
  • Add hello@jetpack.ca as an email contact to ensure that clues are delivered to you. 

2. How to play:

  1. Clues will arrive in your inbox at a random time, beginning on the 1st of the month.
  2. Solve, follow, and puzzle through the daily clues you receive by email,
  3. Go out into the world and physically find the hidden artifact.
  4. Follow the instructions you find with the artifact, to be named the winner.
  5. Claim the $300 prize, celebrate, and enjoy everlasting glory.

3. If you find an artifact:

  1. Follow the instructions you find with the hidden artifact.
  2. Treasure League will verify your win.
  3. High-five everyone you see.
  4. Submit a great (see guidelines below) photo of your team with the artifact.
  5. We'll announce your win to the entire League. 
  6. You'll receive your $300 cash prize for winning the round.

4. If you've heard that an artifact has been found:

  • If you heard it from Treasure League, it's official!
  • If you heard it somewhere else, it's not official.

5. If another player finds an artifact:

  • A note will be sent out on the Jetpack Twitter and Treasure League Facebook pages, as soon as we verify an artifact has been found.
  • An email with the winning team's name and photo will be emailed to the entire Jetpack mailing list by the following day, with a link to a blog post that explains how the clues were solved and where the artifact was found.

6. If a non-player finds or disturbs an artifact:

At our discretion, and depending on how much time is left in a month, either:

  • a new treasure will be hidden and new clues will be provided to that month's subscribers
  • the prize money will be carried over to the following month's round

As long as one of the above is undertaken, refunds won't be offered for the spoiled round.

7. If nobody finds the treasure by the end of the month:

The game is designed to be won. In 2016, 100% of treasures were found and we awarded 100% ($4500) of the prizes. If an artifact remains unfound by the end of its month and all clues have been delivered, that treasure will remain hidden and considered "in play" — for that month's Treasure League members only — until December 31, 2017. 

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions you're agreeing to by participating and check the FAQ for answers to common questions.